Scout requirement 4a (2016)

Show how to tie a square knot, two half-hitches, and a taut-line hitch. Explain how each knot is used.


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Tautline Hitch The tautline hitch is a basic friction hitch that can be used either in an open or closed climbing system. This video highlights the tautline hitch and some of the critical facts climbers should know and understand about using a tautline safely and effectively in a climbing... youtube video How to Tie the Square Knot A step by step guide to tying the Square Knot ( AKA: Reef Knot, Hercules Knot, Common Knot, Flat Knot, Hard Knot, Regular Knot, String Tie Knot or True Knot). The Square Knot, is an ancient and simple binding knot used to weakly connect two ropes of equal diameter and... youtube video How to Tie a Half Hitch and Hitch Variations - ITS Knot of the Week HD Today, we're continuing our Knot of the Week HD series with the Half Hitch and Hitch variations. For more about these knots, check out our article here: youtube video midshipman's hitch aka taut-line hitch AKA the riggers hitch, this is great knot for things like a guide rope for a tent as once tied you can run it up and down the standing end to tighten the line. Ref ABOK 1855. youtube video The BEST way to tie a Tautline Hitch Tautline | How to tie a Tautline | Learn Knots for Bushcraft In this video Jason demonstrates how to tie the Tautline Hitch, which is also known as the Midshipman's Hitch, or Tautline Knot. The Tautline is a knot that creates an adjustable loop in the end of a rope. It's... youtube video


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